Take a break from sugary drinks – one day at a time!

Soda Free Sundays is a community-wide challenge to take a break from sugary drinks that launched in April 2011 in King County, WA. We picked Sunday because it is a day for gathering among families and friends who can support each other in going soda free (oh, and because it’s kind of catchy!).

Over the course of the campaign, over 1,000 individuals pledged to cut back on their sugary drink consumption in an effort to improve their own health. We also had 55 organizations throughout the community sign on in support of the campaign, in addition pledges from the Seattle Mayor and entire City Council, as finally we received a resolution of support from the King County Board of Health. Phew!


In 2013, we are building on the success of Soda Free Sundays by working with businesses, youth-serving organizations, churches and more in cities in the South region of King County. These communities are promoting access to healthy beverage choices by making it easy to get a healthy, low-sugar drink when you and your family needs one. It’s all about making the healthy choice the easy choice.