Seattle City Council reaffirmed its commitment to community

Jul 23, 2019 by

Seattle City Council reaffirmed its commitment to community

2017 SBT Ordinance Intent Reaffirmed – Community Voices Overwhelm Seattle City Council Chambers

The Seattle City Council today reaffirmed its commitment to community made in June 2017 when it passed the Sweetened Beverage Tax ordinance. Based on intentional sleight of hand initiated by the Mayor in the 2019 budgetary, this ordinance (passed resoundingly by a 7-1 vote) was needed to reinforce the legislative intent and purpose of the original SBT ordinance — ensuring to the community that all new SBT revenues are to create/expand new program and initiatives.

We thank the community members for asserting their voice into this process as well as the multiple nonprofit groups that saw through the fear tactics conjured up by the Mayor’s Office to speak the truth about the importance and true intent of the SBT ordinance. Also let’s thank our City Council champions, most notably O’Brien, Mosqueda, Gonzalez and Herbold, for making such a strong case in committee and in the full Council today.

While there is work ahead in the 2020 budget to ensure that those important food access and early learning programs that were supported with SBT funds this budget year need to be made whole in the upcoming budget, let’s take a moment to celebrate a moment of true democracy that can truly advance health equity and social justice.


Pictured: Vic Colman, COPC Director, testifying at the Seattle City Council meeting 7/22/2019

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