Action Alert: Healthy Drinks, Healthy Kids

Feb 17, 2020 by

Action Alert: Healthy Drinks, Healthy Kids

We have the opportunity this legislative session to help increase access to healthy beverages for kids. The Healthy Drinks, Healthy Kids bill (SHB 2383 and SSB 6455) ensures that the default beverage on kids’ menus at restaurants and fast food establishments is a healthy option – water, unflavored mild, or certain non-dairy milk alternatives. This is a simple solution that helps parents provide healthy drink options to their children when they eat out. We need your help to ask Legislators to make this simple policy a reality in Washington!

Contact your legislator TODAY and ask them to VOTE YES on SHB 2383 and SSB 6455 – the Healthy Drinks, Healthy Kids bill.

The research is clear: Drinking sugary drinks regularly leads to increased risk of poor health outcomes including an increased risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, poor oral health including cavities, and more. Even 100% fruit juice can contain more sugar than the American Heart Association’s recommended daily limit for children. Fruit juices and flavored milk are often perceived as a healthier option, but they can contain as much sugar and as many calories as sodas or other sugary drinks.

Each week, 85% of families nationwide report eating out an average of five times. This means that what a kid eats or drink is often determined by what is listed on a kids’ menu, and as of 2019, 61% of the top 50 restaurant chains nationwide had sugary drinks available on their kid’s menus.


Join us in asking legislators to put healthy drinks on the menu!
Click here to email your legislators!


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