Action Alert – HB 1235

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Action Alert – HB 1235

HB 1235: Let’s Get Kids Moving Again!
Today, about 1 in 5 school-aged children is obese. Physical education in schools not only improves educational outcomes, but also teaches lifelong healthy habits that reduce the risk of chronic disease later in life. Sometimes, it can be the only sure opportunity children have for physical activity. For this reason, both national and statewide standards exist for health and physical education in schools.

Unfortunately, far too many children are not getting enough physical education opportunities in school. Implementing annual school reporting requirements for Washington state schools will attain a clearer picture of the quantity and quality of physical education in our state, including curricula, teacher credentials, class size, frequency and space, and other key variables.  Understanding school performance in this important realm will better equip all of us to help schools address the barriers and challenges they face in getting our children the physical education they need to stay healthy.

Take action today and demonstrate your support to the House Education Committee for increasing the accountability reporting for physical education in Washington State schools.
HB 1235 will be up for a vote on Thursday morning, February 9 in the House Education Committee. We have been working with all the key stakeholders to make the bill work for everyone, including an amended version of the bill. Please email or call members of the House Education Committee before 8am on Thursday, February 9. Look here for the COPC support letter that will be posted soon. Critical talking points include:

  • Physical education in schools is an essential component of school curricula that helps children learn better and stay healthy now and into the future.
  • Capturing annual data regarding physical education in Washington schools will highlight areas of strength and identify gaps that need to be addressed to ensure our children get the physical education they need.

Contact House Education Committee Members today and ask them to support HB 1235!

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