We talk to Parent Map with Seattle Children’s

Jan 3, 2013 by

We talk to Parent Map with Seattle Children’s

If you’ve picked up a copy of this month’s Parent Map magazine, we urge you to turn to page 36 for our chat with journalist Cedar Burnett, who recently asked staff at the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition “what’s the biggest thing that we can do to prevent obesity?” Along with Seattle Children’s pediatrician and advocate, Lenna Liu, we delivered our answer: there’s no one solution. But whether your an advocate yourself or if you’re a concerned parent, don’t be discouraged by our antithesis to the silver bullet. The good news is that there are a lot of solutions taking route already that you can be a part of – either in your every day life, or in a bigger way (e.g. by writing a letter or speaking up at your child’s school or place of activity).

Read more about our work and advice in this month’s Parent Map.

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