Vote NO on I-1634

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Vote NO on I-1634

COPC along with community leaders and volunteers formed the Washington Healthy Kids Coalition to ask voters to vote NO on Initiative 1634 by November 6, 2018. Public health professionals, doctors, nurses, education advocates, community leaders and volunteers are working to protect local voter choices for funding local education and community programs for our communities.

We urge you to join us and VOTE NO on Initiative 1634


Initiative FAQS

What is Initiative 1634?
Initiative 1634 is a state ballot measure funded by the soda industry on the November 2018 ballot. If the soda industry successfully passes the ballot measure, local choices for supporting community programs will be taken away from towns and cities and given to the state, reducing local choices and local control for supporting our communities. The soda industry wrote this ballot measure in order to protect their profits, not our communities.

Who is funding Initiative 1634?
Major soda companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and Red Bull have donated millions of dollars already in support of Initiative 1634. Their strategy is to spend millions of dollars to try and pass this confusing ballot measure that would take away local control for supporting community programs.

Why is Initiative 1634 on the ballot?
The soda industry profits from the sale of sugary drinks. And  the science is clear: sugar drinks are tied directly to our nation’s obesity, heart disease and diabetes epidemics, especially among communities of color who are disproportionately targeted by soda industry marketing. Instead of investing in healthier choices, the soda industry is spending millions to take away local choices for funding community programs at a time when communities around the world are raising revenue from the sale of sugary drinks to invest in programs that help those most impacted by the negative effects of these companies’ products.

Will voting NO on Initiative 1634 increase my taxes?
No – sales taxes on groceries are already illegal in Washington State. Voting NO on Initiative 1634 will protect local choices for funding community programs.

Why are community leaders, public health professionals and the American Heart Association urging a NO vote on Initiative 1634?
The power to decide how to invest in community programs should reside with local voters, not the soda industry or the state.


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