SWEET VICTORY: Children’s Health Prevails Against Big Soda Corporate Interests

Nov 5, 2014 by

SWEET VICTORY: Children’s Health Prevails Against Big Soda Corporate Interests

Something truly momentous happened yesterday in the Bay Area. Corporate beverage interests were told that, in the words of San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener, “a business model built on overconsumption” simply cannot prevail.

Here’s what happened last night:

  • In Berkeley, residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of the first ever city-wide soda tax, with 75% supporting the tax. We tip our hats to Berkeley residents and their amazing efforts to put their city on the map as a place where children’s health comes before big profits.
  • While the ambitious San Francisco ordinance required a two-thirds vote, their almost 55% yes vote is clearly a victory for the movement nationally. We also applaud them as the resulting support was a major milestone for public health momentum nationwide.

Both of these efforts broke through that glass ceiling (which actually is made of plastic and comes in 64 oz round containers), and sets the stage for successful advocacy efforts across the nation – at both local and state levels.  Even in the face of outlandish corporate spending on opposition tactics, the voters have spoken — sugary drink consumption is a real problem in our country and pricing it a bit higher is both effective and realistic.  We hope elected officials are also taking heed and that this particular policy strategy will now be taken up directly by city councils and state legislatures, rather than forcing advocates to wage these battles from the outside, via voter initiative.

We raise our water glasses and toast to this major milestone in public health history. “To a healthy next generation!”

Photo credit: @SodaFreeSummer


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