Start of 2014 Legislative Session

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Start of 2014 Legislative Session

The 2014 Legislative Session is underway! This is a short session with just 60 days to tell Olympia why we believe in building a healthier generation for Washington. If you’re ready to fight with us, email us here to sign up for Action Alerts – you will receive the latest on healthy kids and communities, with details on how to take action.

We need you to help us get these important issues heard:

Enable access to healthier foods and beverages in schools:
  • Provide hydration stations in our schools to increase tap water consumption among Washington students. As a matter of basic equity, all children should be able to access free regulated drinking water in school. COPC, in conjunction with the YMCA’s of WA, will be requesting funds from the Capital Budget to support the neediest schools for contemporary tap water fountains that will allow students to reuse their own container rather than purchasing costly single-use bottled water or not drink any water at all.
  • Provide capital funds for school kitchens to convert to scratch cooking. Rep. Marcus Riccelli (Spokane) is also looking to the Capital Budget to create a fund to support schools interested in modifying their kitchens so they’re better able to providi healthier and local foods to students and staff.
Pass the Healthier Generation Bill: We are thrilled that Governor Inslee has been working with three state agencies – Department of Health, Department of Early Learning and the Office for the Superintendent of Public Instruction – to develop a bill that would provide important staffing to these agencies to develop coordinated plans to prevent childhood obesity.
Achieve an equitable Transportation Revenue Package: Our legislature continues to debate a new gas tax to raise revenue for the transportation sector. We will be there with numerous partners, to ensure that bicyclists, walkers, and mass transit users are well-served in the package.
Keep it tuned here for more updates on our progress:

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