COPC Launches Soda Free Sundays

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COPC Launches Soda Free Sundays


This Spring will mark the launch of Soda Free Sundays – a community-wide challenge to take a break from soda and other sugary drinks for at least one day each week for six weeks. Whether you are a resident, business or organization in King County, anyone can sign up by taking the pledge online.

By pledging to participate in Soda Free Sundays, you will be a part of a greater effort to make you and the rest of King County a little healthier. To help your participation, you will receive a customizable action kit including tips and ideas for how you (or your organization) can take steps toward healthy living. We want your stories that highlight how you put these ideas into action because each week we will be featuring organizations, groups and families from around King County who are taking the pledge.

Below is a list of Soda Free Sunday events and sectors that will be featured each week.

Soda Free Sundays Events (Final dates to be announced soon)

Late-April Kick-off
Launch Event – pledging begins!

Week 1

Week 2
Recreational Organizations

Week 3
Moms (coincides with Mothers Day)

Week 4
Faith-Based Organizations

Week 5

June Conclusion
Final Event – celebrating Soda Free Sundays success

Why Soda Free? And Why Sunday?

We know that sugary drinks are one of the major contributors to obesity today, particularly among kids. But we also know that cutting back on overconsumption of these drinks is tough. Every day we are bombarded by highly effective advertisements, constantly faced with the lure of inexpensive and easily accessible sugary beverages. Soda Free Sundays recognizes that, together as a community, we can take a first step towards building a healthier generation.

Oh, and while you might choose to go Soda Free on other days of the week, we picked Sunday because it is a day for gathering among families and friends who can support each other in going Soda Free, and well…because it’s also kind of catchy!

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