Shared Use

What is Shared Use?

Shared use is the sharing of a space by an entity that owns the facility with one or more other entities.  A shared use agreement (also known as joint use agreement of interlocal agreement) is a written document that memorializes the agreement to share space, laying out the terms and conditions of usage and address such other matters as fees and liability.

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Why is Shared Use Important?

Shared use is about efficiency and maximizing community resources to meet community needs.  When entities share space, limited resources can be utilized to meet other community needs rather than building new facilities.  Many Washington practitioners see increased access to physical activity as an end goal of shared use. Increasing access to opportunities for both physical activity and health eating is particularly important given the increasing prevalence of obesity in Washington State. Unhealthy eating and lack of physical activity significantly contribute to obesity, and shared use is one avenue for increasing opportunities that promote healthier lifestyles.


Am I Eligible for a Shared Use Agreement?

A shared use agreement can be an agreement between any two property owners and can be private-private, private-public or public-public in nature.

The focus of our work in on shared-use agreements where at least one party is a public property owner and on those agreements that support activities for healthy living.

A shared-use agreement can be between cities, parks departments, school districts, sports organizations, YMCAs, community kitchens, and any one else who is interested in facilitating the better use of existing spaces!


Case Studies from Washington State: