Senate Transpo Package Includes Biking and Walking

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Senate Transpo Package Includes Biking and Walking

Today, the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition testified in front of the Senate Transportation Committee on behalf of its members and the Safe Routes Healthy Kids Campaign. The topic? – A Senate transportation revenue package that includes specific funding for active transportation in Washington. Although there is still much work to be done on the package, we view the line item for active transportation as a healthy and hopeful sign for support for sustainable Safe Routes program funding.

Among the important points that Campaign leader and Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition director Victor Colman shared with Senate Transportation Committee members were several facts that can’t be ignored:

• Biking or walking just one mile is equivalent to 2/3 of the recommended daily 60 minutes of physical activity.
• K-8 schools are struggling to meet the current 100 minutes per week standard set out in our state requirements – biking and walking to school can give our kids the additional physical activity that they need to supplement the little exercise that they’re getting during the school day.
• Research now tells us that kids who walk to school are more alert, eager and ready to learn.

Also shared were the results of an important recent Statewide Poll on biking and walking to school, which found:

• Vast majority of WA State voters agree every child deserves to bike or walk to school on a safe route.
• A whopping 84 percent of voters think SRTS should be part of State transportation spending.
• Two-third’s of voters are more likely to support additional transportation funds if some were used to expand SRTS statewide.

We were joined by several key partners who also support the active transportation inclusion. Washington Bikes shared a compelling testimony, summarized in their blog post today.

To view our testimony and the complete hearing, access the video stream on TVW.

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