Seattle Sugary Drink Tax Win

Jun 8, 2017 by

Seattle Sugary Drink Tax Win

COPC has been committed to making healthier choices easier in Washington State since 2009. We have succeeded in securing funding for kids to have safe routes to school, increasing access to healthy foods, working on ways kids can be more active and get quality physical education, increasing access to water, and beating back numerous efforts to undo current policies that support community health.

However, we know that changing pricing policies on certain unhealthy products to curb consumer behavior is the most impactful policy approach in our toolbox. Sugary drink taxes help to level a playing field where beverage marketing and pricing of sugary drinks have made it decidedly tilted. So, we are very proud to have been a leader in the work of the Seattle Healthy Kids Coalition to enact a strong sugary drink tax ordinance in the City of Seattle.

This win is on the front end of a growing international movement, joining cities, counties, countries and tribal nations in making our communities healthier by reducing the risk for childhood obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

Thank you to the many partners and champions that worked alongside us in the Seattle victory.