Our Op-Ed in Real Change

Sep 22, 2014 by

Our Op-Ed in Real Change

Monday, September 22nd

“It’s clear that our communities will struggle to maintain good health, unless we act. ”

That’s how an op-ed from our Outreach Specialist, Dorsol Plants, concluded in Real Change’s weekly edition last week. Dorsol submitted the op-ed at a crucial time for the fight against childhood obesity in Washington state:

This month of September marks the completion of a Community Transformation Grant project, funded by the Centers for Disease Control, to increase access to healthy beverage options in organizations across King County (see the resulting toolkit and suggestions for your organization to spread the word about hydrating for health). Next steps include promoting the project toolkit to other areas of the state, and pursuing funds for the installation of water bottle filling stations in schools.

September, also known as Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, furthermore saw the launch of the Governor’s Council to advance his Healthiest Next Generation Initiative. Our director, Vic Colman, sits on the Council with 49 other leaders across the state who are tasked with making recommendations for obesity prevention to the state legislature.

The formation of the Governor’s Council, and an increased focus on obesity prevention in the state, presents a timely opportunity for us at the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition to to advance the important priorities that we’ve laid out for the coming year including funding for safer routes to school and increasing access to drinking water in schools. Washington state is poised to become a leader in the nation in improving the health of future generations – if we act.

How can you act?

  1. Read our op-ed in Real Change on obesity , your zip code and sugary drinks. Take charge by using our sample communications in our Healthy Beverage Toolkit and help spread the word in your community.
  2. Sign up to receive our alerts on safe routes to schools updates in Washington, and send your photos of safe AND not-so-safe routes in your community. Send an email with the subject line “I support safe routes” with any photos to info@copcwa.org
  3. GIVE. We need your support to keep our Coalition alive and maintain our presence in Olympia.

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