More Safe Routes to School Needed

Apr 21, 2015 by

More Safe Routes to School Needed

UPDATE: Active transportation funding in state transportation revenue package

April 21, 2015 – Olympia WA

Last week, the House of Representatives released its version of the state transportation revenue package. With versions from both chambers in, critical negotiations are underway. The most recent House proposal would invest $236 million over 16 years for new biking and walking projects; however a modest increase in this amount would allow more qualified Safe Routes to School grant applications from our schools and communities to be funded.

Please take one minute of your time to tell your lawmakers that you appreciate their investment in active transportation, but more funding for Safe Routes to School projects is needed in the state transportation revenue package.

Washington voters agree – programs that support biking and walking, like Safe Routes to School are a smart investment for our state:

– HEALTH: When children can safely walk or bike a mile to school, they can meet two-thirds of the daily recommended amount of exercise.   Increased physical activity helps children achieve a healthy weight and cardiovascular fitness, as well as improved academic performance.

– SAFETY: From 2000 to 2006, 30% of traffic-related deaths among children between ages 5 and 15 happened while walking or bicycling.

– BUDGET SAVINGS: Studies have found that healthcare costs associated with physical inactivity decrease by almost $3 for every $1 invested in safe pathways for people walking and biking.

– ENVIRONMENT: When more children bike or walk to school, more parents drive less, ultimately reducing congestion and improving air quality around schools.

A recent statewide poll showed 84 percent of Washington voters believe that funding for Safe Routes to School program should be prioritized in the State transportation budget.

Contact your lawmakers today and tell them that you are part of the 84 percent of Washington state voters who support funding for Safe Routes to School projects.

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