Momentum Grows In Opposition to Initiative 1634

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Momentum Grows In Opposition to Initiative 1634

Momentum grows for coalition opposing Initiative 1634 with two more critical endorsements

Today the Washington Healthy Kids Coalition thanked Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat for his unveiling of the motivations of the soda industry’s Initiative 1634 and the initiative’s true purpose:

“This is corporate power not only writing its own law and selling it with a dishonest message, which we’ve seen before. But doing it this time to supplant the democratic will of our own local governments.”

“one of the more misleading ad campaigns I can remember”

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Vic Colman, campaign manager for the Washington Healthy Kids Coalition urging voters to reject Initiative 1634, is available for comment today regarding the details of this misleading and confusing initiative from the soda industry.

Yesterday, the Washington Healthy Kids Coalition was honored to share the endorsements of our state’s newspapers who are asking voters to oppose Initiative 1634. Editorial boards who have already published their opposition to Initiative 1634 include: Seattle Times, Tacoma News Tribune, Olympian, Columbian and The Stranger.

The Seattle Times Editorial Board:

“Washington voters shouldn’t allow a deceptive campaign paid for by soda giants to override local decision-making when it comes to how to best combat obesity in local communities. They should vote no on I-1634.”

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The Stranger:

“Proponents are framing the initiative as a way of preventing local governments from taxing ‘groceries,’ but in the state of Washington, it’s already illegal to tax ‘most grocery type food.’ The only ‘grocery type foods’ we can slap sales taxes on, according to the state Department of Revenue, are ‘prepared food, soft drinks, or dietary supplements.’ The state already has to keep its hands off your broccoli.”

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The Olympian:

“Voters should reject I-1634 on Nov. 6. It’s a clear case of out-of-state interests meddling with local control by cities and counties.”

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Tacoma News Tribune Editorial Board:

“Initiative 1634 aims a dagger at the heart of local control, and that’s reason enough to reject it.”

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Columbian Editorial Board:

“[Local taxes] is a local matter that should remain in local hands, and we recommend a ‘no’ vote on I-1634…the measure is not really about imposing local taxes on apples or potato chips or milk at the corner store. We are strongly in favor of affordable groceries. Who wouldn’t be? But the campaign being waged is more than a bit misleading. Washington has not had a sales tax on groceries in more than three decades, and most basic items are exempt from sales tax.”

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Members of the Washington Healthy Kids Coalition, organized to oppose Initiative 1634, include the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Arcora, Foundation for Healthy Generations, El Centro de La Raza, Children’s Alliance and the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition.

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