Seattle Sugary Beverage Tax

Seattle is poised to join other cities, counties, and First Nations that have passed a sugary drink tax.  Sugar-sweetened beverages have been linked to weight gain, obesity, heart disease, and tooth decay, among other serious health conditions.

Following Mayor Ed Murray’s proposal to fund education and healthy food programs in Seattle through the soda tax, the Seattle City Council has scheduled the following hearings, all located at the Council Chambers in City Hall:

Wednesday, May 3rd   9:30AM Initial Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods and Finance Committee hearing   VIDEO
Wednesday, May 17th   9:00AM Second committee hearing   VIDEO
Friday, May 26th           9:00AM  Third committee hearing to discuss potential amendments
Wednesday, May 31st   9:00AM Committee vote
Monday, June 5th          2:00PM Full Council vote

Check out the informative May 18, 2017  Sweetened Beverage Tax Webinar featuring Seattle City Council Member Tim Burgess and COPC Executive Director Vic Colman.

Learn about the Seattle Healthy Kids Coalition and the YES for Seattle Kids campaign



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