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King County Healthy Vending – Product Example Lists

The King County Healthy Vending Guidelines (HVG) promote nutrient rich whole foods and are based on the 2010 American Dietary Guidelines.   Examples of snacks and beverages that do and do not meet the HVG are compiled in the documents below.   Inclusion on the HVG lists is not an endorsement of any product.

The entire document in PDF, 1.9 MB


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In order to encourage the sale of healthy products, marketing is crucial.  Consider using posters and table tents in locations both near and far from the vending machines, to attract regular and new customers.

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has come out with new promotional posters for snacks and beverages, which can be found HERE.

Below are marketing materials specific to the King County Healthy Vending Guidelines.

  • Legal-sized Poster “Eat Good Feel Good” in MS Word, PDF
  • Legal-sized Poster “Tasty Nutritious Choices” in MS Word, PDF
  • Legal-sized Poster – Hydrate for Health in MS Word, PDFCard - Tasty Nutritious
  • Letter-sized Poster “Eat Good Feel Good”  in MS Word, PDF
  • Letter-sized Poster “Tasty Nutritious” in MS Word, PDF
  • Letter-sized Poster – Hydrate for Health  in MS Word, PDF
  • Table Tent “Eat Good Feel Good”  in PDF
  • Table Tent “Tasty Nutritious Choices” in PDF
  • Table Tent from Hydrate for Health in PDF


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