“Healthiest Next Generation” Action Now!

Mar 1, 2016 by

“Healthiest Next Generation” Action Now!

“Healthiest Next Generation”
Budget item in House Budget–
Support Needed Now

March 1, 2016

The Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition has been a stalwart supporter of the Healthiest Next Generation (HNG) initiative since its inception a few years back. We are proud to have a Governor that prioritizes children’s health through the power of community-based prevention. One aspect of HNG is to provide funding to three key state agencies (Departments of Health and Early Learning and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) to coordinate child prevention work among and within their agencies. Initial funding was provided in 2014 but only ongoing funding was made available to the Department of Health in last year’s budget.

We need champions for healthy kids in all three agencies. So, we need your help in getting this budget item in the final budget. It is currently in the House budget but absent from the Senate version.

Budget negotiations are in process, which is why we need you to take action TODAY.

You can show your support for this bill by writing or calling your own legislator personally:

Why is funding the Healthiest Next Generation so important?

  • It places child health improvement up front as a key health priority for both the legislative and executive branch
  • Motivates state agencies to collaborate across and within agencies
  • Retains critical staffing not otherwise funded in these key agencies

Let’s keep building a healthier generation!
Victor Colman, Director

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