COPC Releases Survey Results on Health and Transportation

Feb 24, 2012 by

COPC Releases Survey Results on Health and Transportation

February 24, 2012 – Olympia, WA

Today, COPC released a statewide poll showing by a 55% to 25% margin, a majority of Washington state voters favor current legislation requiring the state to consider impacts on people’s health when planning new transportation projects.

The survey also reveals voter reactions to some of the reasons for supporting health as a transportation goal. Support of this policy idea increased to 71% (a 45 point margin) after hearing these reasons, the most compelling of which had to do with children’s health. The most persuasive concern among voters surveyed was the direct connection between asthma and air pollution. Safer options for walking, biking and transit could help reduce triggers for dangerous asthma attacks and reduce childhood asthma.

The survey also comes at a time when a childhood obesity epidemic is heightening concerns among states and communities across the nation. Programs like Safe Routes to Schools are seeking to encourage safe and active ways for children to travel to school.

For more information on the survey, the independent research group, EMC Research, who conducted the polling has provided polling results and a summary brief.

The survey press release can be accessed here.

Funding for the survey was made possible through a grant from the American Heart Association (


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