COPC 2018 Annual Report

Dec 15, 2018 by

COPC 2018 Annual Report

In 2018, COPC continued work in several important sectors, most notably in early learning, schools, and community-wide. In the early summer we finally saw the completion of a multi-year rules process undertaken by the Washington State Department of Early Learning (now incorporated into the newly-created Department of Children, Youth & Families) that set forth stronger standards for licensed child care providers, including in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and screen time.

While pushing for initial enactment of policy change is perceived as the most visible part of policy development, the importance of staying close to policy implementation can be quite critical to overall success. In this past year, with critical funding support from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, COPC worked hard to ensure that Seattle’s Sugary Beverage Tax got off to a strong start. Also, COPC was pleased to again participate in the Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools grant review process where we learned that schools filed $10 million of grant submissions for the $2.25 million available, demonstrating a clear need to maintain this particular grant program. We were heartened to see how serious OSPI is with this grant program, including their commitment to equity, enabling schools with higher free and reduced lunch rates to successfully compete for these grants.

So, thank you to all of our partners that make our work possible – our funders, our coalition members (and their networks) and our grass roots supporters. Let’s keep working together to make healthy choices easier for all Washingtonians! Now let’s look at these policy successes in more detail.




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