Case Study: Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools

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Case Study: Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools

Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools Grant Program
Reports from the Field
June 2020

In September 2014, Governor Jay Inslee launched the Healthiest Next Generation Initiative in collaboration with stakeholders to lay the groundwork for a healthy, active generation. The Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools Grant, championed by Rep. Marcus Riccelli and supported by the Healthiest Next Generation Initiative, offers funding for capital school site improvements for healthy eating and active living, including access to water bottle filling stations.

Interviews were conducted with grant recipient contacts to better understand the issues addressed by the grant and the impacts and consequences of the grant-funded projects. Grant recipients varied widely in demographics, location, need, and projects, but all are taking action to build a healthy future for their students. Through these interviews, we found that Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools grants have helped foster healthy environments for not only students but the community at-large.

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Report Authors:
Sophia Riemer, COPC Intern
Vic Colman, COPC Director

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