Ask Gov. Gregoire to Support Safer Routes to School

Sep 14, 2012 by

Ask Gov. Gregoire to Support Safer Routes to School

Friday, September 14, 2012

Recently, we sent a letter to our membership and supporters on an issue near and dear to our hears. Right now, Governor Gregoire is being faced with a decision on whether or not to slash funding that gives tens of thousands of children the opportunity to walk and bike to school.

Given the importance of safe streets and alternate (and healthy!) forms of transportation in our communities, we’re hoping that instead of slashing she’ll opt to keep funding the state’s Safe Routes to School program. Safe Routes to Schools improves our children’s safety and health.
By calming streets, building sidewalks and crosswalks, and educating parents, the program has helped get 67,000 children to walk and bike regularly at 168 schools across the state.

A half million children in Washington State live within a half-mile of their school. The safest and easiest way for these kids to get to school should be walking and biking. We have made a lot of progress in recent years, and the state should continue to invest in the opportunity for kids to grow up healthy and active.

The new federal transportation bill – known as “MAP-21” – ended the direct federal funding that had helped more kids safely walk and bike to school. But Governor Gregoire can fix this. MAP-21 doubled funding for road safety improvements, and the Governor has the power to use this new funding to maintain the state’s Safe Routes to School program.

Governor Gregoire must make her decision in the next two weeks. She needs to hear from you NOW about the importance of making it safe for our kids to walk and bike to school.

>>Join us in telling the Governor to keep our commitment to our children’s future.

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