Act Now for Healthy Schools

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Act Now for Healthy Schools
The Key to Easy Access to Water and Healthy School Meals? YOU!
Last week, an initial version of the House Capital Budget was released. As a part of a broader healthy schools grant effort, the budget included funding for water bottle filling stations in Washington schools in need. It also included important dollars to equip schools for healthier scratch cooking.
We need you to voice your support and tell your Representative to prioritize funding for efforts that make healthier choices easier choices to make in schools.
Use the talking points below and access the legislator lookup website to email your Representative TODAY.


What we know about access to drinking water in schools:
  • Many children in Washington state do not have access to regulated water in schools.
  • Approximately 1/4 of children do not drink water on a given day.
  • For our children, the unhealthy choice is often the easiest choice – especially sugar-loaded beverages, which are readily available, heavily marketed and inexpensive.
  • Drinking water enhances hydration and improves overall health, which translates to improved attention and academic achievement.
  • Water bottle filling stations can make accessing drinking water easy, fast, enticing and environmentally friendly.
What we know about scratch cooking in schools:
  • Scratch cooking makes it possible to use healthy, whole foods in creating school meals.
  • Consuming too many processed foods leads to weight gain and chronic disease.
  • Scratch cooking programs in Spokane, WA schools have been shown to be budget neutral or cash-flow positive.
Contact your Representative today and spread the word!

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