State Parks Advertising Policy–Action Needed

Mar 21, 2016 by

State Parks Advertising Policy–Action Needed

WA State Parks Advertising Policy – Action Needed
Draft provision does not go far enough

March 21, 2016

The Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition is dedicated to protecting our children from the obesity epidemic, which is why we are providing comment on the WA State Parks revised draft advertising policy found here, starting on p. 26.

We are cheered by the amendments to the policy regarding unhealthy food and beverages but we believe that the current draft provision does not go far enough. The currently draft language is as follows:

“Staff will limit advertising for food and drink products to those that are consistent with healthy nutrition guidelines developed by the Washington State Department of Health whenever practicable.”

We like this language except for those last two very key words “whenever practicable.” Those words essentially provide Parks staff complete discretion on this issue. We believe that the health harms caused by unhealthy food and beverages clearly justify categorizing these products under Section F, Prohibited Advertising Content, similar to alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.

Written comments are due by Friday March 25

Provide the following comment to the State Parks Commission  at

  • Please modify Policy 45-16-1 to add unhealthy food and beverages to your list of prohibited advertising content

It is imperative that the citizens of our state receive clear and consistent messages about the importance of healthy food and beverages. As public entities, state agencies should play under a higher standard to ensure that their messages, intended or otherwise, do not undermine the multiple publicly-funded efforts in this state to achieve better health for all, especially our next generation.

View our complete letter to the State Parks Commission HERE.

Let’s keep building a healthier generation!
Victor Colman, Director

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