In 2019 – Healthier Child Care Settings

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In 2019 – Healthier Child Care Settings

For over two years Washington State’s Department of Early Learning has been working with stakeholders to update health and safety licensing requirements for family-home and center-based child care settings in Washington State. Throughout this process, the members of the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition, along with the American Heart Association and numerous other partners, have urged the Department to establish stronger standards for nutrition, active play, and screen time.

COPC is pleased to share that the new requirements make great strides toward meeting national standards.

The Department of Early Learning, now incorporated into the newly-created Department of Children, Youth and Families, signed off on new rules earlier this summer that will go into effect on August 1, 2019.

The proposed licensing requirements include:

  • Nutrition standards: requiring snacks to include a fruit or vegetable; prohibiting the serving of flavored milk and sugar-sweetened beverages; making water readily available; and accommodating/supporting breastfeeding mothers
  • Active Play standards: promotes both moderate and vigorous activity, including time outdoors and a mixture of activities
  • Screen Time standards: screen time is limited for kids over 2 years old and intentional screen time is prohibited for kids under two years old

Early care and education settings are critical places for obesity prevention efforts. When healthy eating and active play habits are learned and practiced during the early years, they can last a lifetime.

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